Friday, September 3, 2010


I may as well be welcoming you to Seussville, because sometimes that's exactly how my life is. Before I explain what this is, I'd like to tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Dana. The last name doesn't really matter, it's an easy english word, that most people can spell but it's probably one of the most misspelled last names in the universe along with my first name that is probably the most incorrectly said name in the world. Unless your name is Faanuuleaao. Which I know one of those, and we call him Matt.

At the moment I'm 23, my half birthday is on the 27 of October. I like the colour pink, the beach, balloons, vintage, opshops, random movies, corn, shoes, lights/lamps/candles, early nights, watercolour pencils, blackboards, lace, paperbags, mexicans, the sky and strangely enough, clothes that have fringes.

I have hobbies, and lots of them. You'll find out what they are by what I blog. I work in a nursing home, but hope and pray that someone else has bigger plans for my life. Which brings me to the G-factor. Why I live, who I live for. God, who sent His son, to die, for me, on a cross, bearing the weight of the world's sin, so that I could live in relationship with Him and when I die, go to heaven to be with Him for eternal life.

Church is something I breathe. You can ask my Family, you can ask my Friends. You can ask my work colleagues. They'll all tell you the same thing. Some more animated than others, and I'm pretty sure most people at work find me strange yet refreshing that I am the way I am, in my generation.

Dinosaur Bubblegum; a name. That's pretty much all it is, a name I thought of of, randomly. I like random, I wanted something random, I wanted something catchy, I don't know if that is catchy but I thought it'd be good for a fill in and then I figured I'd just keep it! So there you have it.

Everyday I fall in love.... "with who?" - do I hear you say? Well, to tell you the truth no one, not really. Everyday I fall in love, with life, with love, with people, situations and lots of other things. Some days, I fall in love with my bed too much to get up early and enjoy the day's delights. But I'm working on that. I love, where I live. That may not sound strange to you, if you don't know where I live. The truth is, many people have more negative things to say about this town than positive. But I want to show people what's to love about it. But not just about the town, about life in general and finding the quirkiest things in every corner!

Please stay tuned, follow or come back and see some more. I am posting pictures and all sorts.

<3 Dana

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